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A 5-week course on walking well with Bruce Fertman.

*How do I generate the power I need to walk?
*What’s the best way for my feet to come down to the ground?
*How can I become effortlessly upright while walking?
*How can I walk without hurting my ankles, knees, hips, or back?
*Is there a right way to breathe when walking?
*How can I walk without a busy mind, with more peace?
*How can I walk with all my senses open to the world?

If you have been asking yourself one of these questions this 5-week online course is for you. Bruce will teach you how to solve each one these riddles, so that you can immediately improve how you walk.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

Course Structure

while walking.

Week One & Two

Week one and two are all about becoming comfortable while walking. Discover how your feet and ankles work in relation to the ground. It’s not what most people think, yet easy to experience. Alongside learning to receive real support from the ground, we will explore how to unbind our bodies from the unnecessary tension that makes us uncomfortable and depletes our energy.

Generating vitality
while walking.

Week Three & Four

In week three and four we will explore how to generate easy, unrestricted motion throughout the whole body while walking. We will also learn how to generate energy the moment we expend it. Your senses will begin waking up in surprising ways, allowing you to experience the world anew. What we have learned from our culture that is unhelpful falls away, allowing us to walk naturally, according to our body’s design.

Walking for

Week Five

In week five we will take a closer look at the ways walking can be transformative, personally, socially, and spiritually. The better we are at generating vitality while walking, the more insights and solutions arise. Sometimes communicating face to face is good but sometimes communicating side by side while walking is better. Fully opening the senses can open us to the spirit and to strong feelings of gratitude. Walking is the transitionary action, the bridge between the end of one task and the beginning of another. Something as simple as learning how to walk well throughout the day can profoundly influence how that day unfolds.


What’s the deal?

Details & Pricing

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A total of 7.5 hours of course material for $225 USD.

5 Live Classes

Five 90-minute live online classes every Friday five weeks in a row.

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Each class is being offered in two different timezones. Choose which one suits you best or take part in both for the same price.


All classes will be recorded and available in your Member Portal.

Class Notes

Each class comes with specific class notes which will be available in your Member Portal and for download.

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Repeat this live class within your membership year as many times as you like.

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Times & dates.

Course Schedule

Classes will take place twice each week to make it more convenient for people from all around the world. Both classes will cover the same material. Feel free to attend both events if your time zone allows it. In case you’d like to convert the schedule on your own, Timezone 1 classes always take place at 10:00AM New Mexico time and Timezone 2 classes always take place at 6:00PM New Mexico time. If you have questions about the schedule or course contact us at support@graceofsense.com.


*Classes this spring will be suspended so that Bruce can give his time to the publication of his upcoming book, Walking Well, the renovation of the Walking Way Guest House and to the Summer and Fall Walking Way Gatherings in Northern, New Mexico. Write to Bruce at bruce@graceofsense.com for more information.



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