Under the Pale Half Moon

At sunrise, no matter how cold, I put on my robe and head out to my little hot tub and sit. These days my sitting meditation entails internalizing, kinesthetically and physically, characteristics of certan animals.

First, I internalize the largeness and roundness and softness of the bear.

Then, I internalize the large and powerful back of the Silverback gorilla.


Then, the wingspan of the red tail hawk which nests in a tree but 150 metres from my house.

As my outstretched arms, now my wings, were weightlessly floating upon the water, I opened my eyes.

Before me, 10 metres ahead, under the pale half-moon hanging in the blue morning sky, was a red tail hawk staring straight into my eyes.

The next instant, he’s right over my head, his outstreched wings directly above my outstretched wings. Same exact length.

There, then gone.


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