Training Programs

Studying with Bruce Fertman.

Here in our Grace of Sense community-school, you will find a safe, nurturing environment where you have the room to learn, to breathe, to sense, and to enjoy yourself. No pressure. The work unfolds effortlessly, simply, and clearly. Training programs give you time, the time needed for deep, quiet, lasting transformation to happen.

The Curriculum

Stage One. Stage Two. Stage Three.

Laying the Foundation

Stage One

The Essentials can be obtained via online study. They entail the following.


Conceptual understanding of what I call Grace of Sense, my approach to freeing the body, quieting the mind, opening the heart, and walking into the world.


Learning simple but highly refined movement etudes which access deep patterns of ease, freedom, and power in the body.


Learning how to use our minds to come to our senses. Learning how to live a physically contemplative life, a sensorially receptive, pleasurable life.


Studying all of the above within the context of community, alongside other kindred spirits.


Guidance in enjoyably integrating Grace of Sense into your life, changing for the better how you move through your days.

Being in Touch

Stage Two

Offline, On Land, In Person Learning. Why is this so valuable?


By working through touch, with me and other highly qualified teachers, all the movement work learned via online can be finely tuned. A teacher’s knowing touch can help you to sense what you have not been able to sense, to release what you have not been able to release, to integrate what you have not yet found a way to integrate.


We can better see your movements in ways we cannot do online. This allows us to give you more tailored feedback.


In retreats, we spend some of our time engaged in Situation Work or Life Work. We reenact challenging life situations, ones in which we find ourselves off balance. We then learn how to meet them and move through them more humanely and effectively. It continues to surprise me how working in this way together releases so much affection and lightheartedness.


We get to spend time, in person, with one another, eating together, taking walks together, becoming friends.

Becoming a Grace of Sense Teacher

Stage Three

Those of us who move through stage three of training acquire the skills to share this work with others. The more we study, the more we understand about the interconnectivity between physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual life. We explore the interface between body and being, between movement and meaning, between physical and metaphysical life, and between sensory and spiritual life.

For those of us who are movement educators, somatically based therapists, and bodyworkers, Grace of Sense provides us with a much larger context in which to do our work. It gives us a way of taking our work out beyond the borders of the body. Grace of sense is not about the body in and of itself. It is about recognizing, appreciating, and refining our physical relationship to the animate and inanimate world around us. As Grace of Sense teachers, our job will be to help others do the same.

For those of you whose first language is other than English, my hope is that you will go on to teach Grace of Sense in your native language.

Start the Journey Now

Why is studying online the perfect way to get started?

I had no idea online study could be so effective. Honestly, I was skeptical of it until I gave it a go. It turns out the medium is almost perfect for what I teach.

Because my work is so deeply and gently physical, it necessitates me teaching in an unhurried way, and in small increments. Having a week in between classes to absorb what has been learned and experienced is ideal.

As the weeks go by, the work slowly and steadily accumulates within. What, at first, seems like many small changes becomes, by the end, one very big shift in how it feels to be alive.

Studying Grace of Sense

Training Programs

Personal Development & Career Enrichment

No matter a person’s lifestyle or profession, no matter their culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age, what we learn in Grace of Sense makes us more comfortable with ourselves, with others, and with the world. Having actual techniques for becoming calm and alert, soft and strong, relaxed and ready, light and substantial, stable and movable helps everyone.

Grace of Sense

Part I

Where Our Inner World and Outer World Meet

In Grace of Sense Part I, we begin. We begin learning how to enliven all of our senses and how to move comfortably through our lives. We learn a lot about support, how to receive support from our own structure, how to receive support from gravity and the ground, and how to receive support from the immediate world around us. We learn how not to force things, how not to over-effort. We learn how to let forces other than our own will, help us. By the end of Grace of Sense Part I, a door has opened. In Part II and Part III, we walk through that door.

Grace of Sense

Part II

A Visceral and Holy Love

Part I of Grace of Sense centers a great deal around the body, awakening and freeing the body. In Part II, the workings of the heart playfully come into play. We study the physiology of self-respect; we learn how to love our bodies once and for all. We learn how, physically, to be with ourselves and others. We explore other ways of relating to time and to space, ways that make a profound difference in how it feels to be alive. In Part I, we introduce movements that free up our spines. In Part II, we begin also studying, in detail, how we use our arms and hands.

Grace of Sense

Part III

Wedding Ourselves to This World

In Part III, everything comes together. Along with our continuing study of the central region of our body, (spine, head, ribs, pelvis), and our arms and hands, we begin studying how our feet and legs fit in to the picture that is us. This magically and happily comes together through the act of walking. We learn to walk with power, poise, pleasure and purpose. Part III is about moving, once again, as the mammals that we are and have always been. It’s about coming to our senses, which naturally quiets the mind. By the end of our 30 weeks together, we have become decidedly freer, stronger, livelier.

Grace of Sense Retreat –

May 14-21, 2022

7 days in-person.

For our first Grace of Sense In Person/On Land Retreat we will gather at Ecoresort Il Cantico Della Natura located between Umbria and Tuscany, in Perugia, Italy. Accommodations and classes will take place in a restored farmhouse built in the 1600’s. Around the farmhouse are gardens of roses, rosemary and lavender in which to sit and relax. Beyond the gardens, olive groves and wooded areas, perfect for long walks in nature. The food will be exceptional. A perfect place for our first Grace of Sense Retreat. Watch this space!

Teacher Training Program

It is an exciting time for me as a teacher. Like bamboo trees that mysteriously flower once every 60 to 130 years, after 58 years of teaching, my work is flowering. Now is the time to train with me. My work has found itself, has organized itself, has become simple, clear, and deep. It is time to pass on my work and the work of my teachers.

Grace of Sense I, II, & III

The End of Living Alone

Most of the time, we try to solve our problems by changing or improving the content of our lives. We locate our problems as existing inside of the content of our lives – the job we have or do not have, the person we are with or not with, where we live or do not live, etc. But the content of our lives exists within a context, a context that is ever-present to all of us. In Grace of Sense, rather than attempting to change the content of our lives, we attend to how we relate to the context in which our lives unfold. We all live in relation to gravity and the ground. We all receive the world through our senses. We all move. We all live in time and in space. We all must live with ourselves and with others. And we all must live with a certain amount of uncertainty. How can we relate to the context in which our lives unfold gracefully, sensitively, sensibly? If I improve my relationship with the context in which my life unfolds, might that not influence my life’s unfolding? That is the question.

Unbinding Our Bodies/Absolving Our Pasts/Freeing into Our Futures

The Loosening of Restrictive Life Patterns Embedded in the Body

Why do we acquire the binding pattern we do and why do others acquire the binding pattern they do? After having 15,000 people under my hands, in twenty countries, I have discerned only a certain number of binding patterns. I call them Archetypal Binding Patterns. They are a bit like boating knots, a bowline, cleat hitch, clove hitch, half hitch, and figure eight. But they are human knots, ways in which, unbeknownst to us, we tie ourselves up. It is important to learn to recognize our own knotted pattern and learn to untie it. If you are a teacher, it is important to know how to recognize all the archetypal binding patterns so that we can assist others in identifying and untying theirs.

Leaving Myself in your Hands

Part One – The Physics and Metaphysics of Touch
Part Two – Accessing Patterns of Ease, Freedom and Vitality in Yourself and In Your Students, Clients, and Patients

In Leaving Myself in Your Hands I pass on my tactual wisdom, and the tactual wisdom of my teachers, to those of you who directly use your hands to help your students, clients, or patients or who wish to learn how to do so. For these classes, it is best to have a person with whom you can work during each class. It can be a fellow teacher, a student, a friend or family member. It can be the same person or a different person each time. It will also be possible to take the class without a partner and then use the recording to practice with a partner. For people who do not use their hands to help people and are not interested in learning how to do so, this course is optional to your training. It is very possible to teach Grace of Sense with or without the use of your hands, in person and/or online.

Your Innate Design

Robyn Avalon

In my 58 years of studying movement, never have I met a person more gifted at explaining to people how their bodies are designed to function and move. Not only does Robyn Avalon teach us about the truth of our design, she also guides us effortlessly into experiencing what it is like when we align ourselves with this truth. In a word, her work is liberating. She does all of this with such joy, such intelligence, such clarity. Robyn has made 5 classes for us.

Student Voices


Bruce’s teaching is a true gift, filled with wisdom, clarity, and insight. He was one of my original teachers as I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Years later, when I read his book, I knew I had to study with him again. He has a way of connecting people to their own essence in a way that is beautiful to behold. He has helped me find more ease and effectiveness in my teaching, parenting, and life. The pace of his teaching always feels like being immersed in calm breathing, with pauses for everyone to digest whatever has been shared. I highly recommend studying with him and reading his book.

Jennifer Briggs

United States

A sense of grace permeates Bruce’s teaching. His clear, sure, soft verbal touch guides with curiosity and rich imagination, encouraging ease of movement and exploration in ever deepening growth.

Tessa Viotti


I attended Grace of Sense Part I, II & III and enjoyed every single class. So many new ideas have contributed to a deeper understanding of how to teach the Alexander Technique to my private pupils, free from unnecessary jargon. Bruce is an excellent teacher who takes his time, making sure that his message reaches the body and not just the mind. These online courses have been a jewel to find and the best thing I could come across during the pandemic.

Daniela Sangiorgio


I absolutely loved Grace of Sense I, II, & III and found it one of the most inspiring courses I have ever done. During a long and difficult lockdown it was definitely something to look forward to every week. If you have a meditative and/or somatic practice of any kind, it will only deepen that practice; if you don’t, you will very probably develop one!

Orfhlaith Tuohy

Grace of Sense has offered me a wonderful opportunity to perceive how I relate with myself and the world with an alertness I had not experienced before: To listen and to think with my entire body, not just my mind. Through Bruce’s gentle, deep and precise pedagogy, I’ve experienced a vast neutralization of judgement (right & wrong), when it comes to work with students or myself. Grace of Sense has made me be and act more gently with myself, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Carlos Osorio Sordelli


Grace of sense is a real treat for anyone wanting to connect the subtle with the substantial.  Bruce has a way of playfully connecting poetry to movement and physiology. And to create lasting results, through creating awareness about how one conducts oneself through everyday life.

Carina Notivoli


Bruce’s imaginative use of visual metaphor linked to movement lit up my sensory experience in new ways and landed this mysterious integration solidly into my practice of the Alexander Technique.

Anita Freeman

United States

Bruce has a deeply thoughtful and unique way of organising his teaching and experience. He…keeps to a contemporary language that makes a complex range of material easily accessible and open to anyone, all the while inviting curiosity and a spirit of adventure to the age-old journey of life learning. 

Kate Chester


Here are ways to encounter Life’s blessèd unexpectednesses. And be invited to experience the familiar in different ways. Finding a certain newness – and surprise – just where we are.

Vincent Raven


Upcoming Events

Training Dates

Online Class Dates

Next Training Starts November 10, 2021

All online training courses have separate classes for European time zones and Americas & Asia time zones. You are welcome to take part in both if your time zone allows it. Classes are usually around 90 minutes long.

European Time Zones

Unbinding Our Bodies/Absolving Our Pasts/Freeing into Our Futures
Nov 10 – Dec 15, 2021 — Jan 5 – 26, 2022
Feb 9 – April 20, 2022 (no class April 13)

Grace of Sense I
Nov 13 – Dec 18, 2021 (Six classes)
Jan 8 – Jan 29, 2022 (Four classes)

Leaving Myself in Your Hands – Part I
Nov 14 – Dec 19, 2021 — Jan 9 – 30, 2022

Grace of Sense II
Feb 12 – April 23, 2022 (no class April 16)

Leaving Myself in Your Hands – Part II
Feb 13, 2022 – April 24, 2022 (no class April 17)

Grace of Sense III
June 11 – Aug 20, 2022 (no class July 4)

Walking into the World
July 11 – 15, 2022. (Five classes.)
July 18 – 22, 2022. (Five classes.)

Americas & Asia Time Zones

Unbinding Our Bodies/Absolving Our Pasts/Freeing into Our Futures
Nov 11 – Dec 16, 2021 — Jan 6 – 27, 2022
Feb 10 – April 21, 2022 (no class April 14)

Grace of Sense I
Nov 14 – Dec 19, 2021 (Six classes)
Jan 9 – Jan 30, 2022 (Four classes)

Leaving Myself in Your Hands – Part I
Nov 12/13 – Dec 17/18, 2021 — Jan 7/8 – 28/29, 2022

Grace of Sense II
Feb 13 – April 24, 2022 (no class April 17)

Leaving Myself in Your Hands – Part II
Feb 11/12, 2022 – April 22/23, 2022 (no class April 16/17)

Grace of Sense III
June 11 – Aug 20, 2022 (no class July 5)

Walking into the World
July 11 – 15, 2022. (Five classes.)
July 18 – 22, 2022. (Five classes.)

Retreat Dates

Next Retreat Starts May 14, 2022

Anyone who has completed Grace of Sense Part I is welcome to attend this retreat. Looking forward to meeting and working with you in person.

Grace of Sense Retreat
May 14 – 21, 2022, Perugia, Italy

Training Offers


The Right Choice for You

There is a right choice for everyone here. Are you the kind person who likes to get your toes wet first? Then register for the Personal Development program. If you are more the kind of person who gets in the water up to your waist and then pauses, the Career Enrichment program is a good choice. For the daring who want to dive into all of Grace of Sense and who want to learn the skills to pass this beautiful work onto others, then joining the Teacher Training program, undoubtedly, makes the most sense.

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Our Free 5-Day Challenge

Five Days. Five Tools.

One short class a day

There are many tools we learn to use in Grace of Sense. I chose these five tools for this little 5-day challenge because they are so simple and effective. And important. They are: One, Comfortable Spine – A simple practice to help you have a flexible, decompressed spine. Two, Unstrained Hands – A simple practice to help you have comfortable, unstrained hands. Three, Freedom in Walking – A simple practice to help you bring more power and pleasure into your walk. Four, Calming Down
Waking Up – A simple practice that your nervous system will love. Five, will be a surprise!

Begin Class Today

One short class a day

One of the things I love about online teaching, besides often having people in my class from numerous countries, is how conducive the medium is to learning step by step. Here you will learn one little practice on the first day. After the second day, you will have two little practices to practice and so on. If you continue practicing all of them, by the end of the five-day period a big shift will happen. Remember making a snowman and beginning with a little snowball and rolling it in the snow and thinking this will never get big and then suddenly it starts to get big, very big. That is exactly what happens in Grace of Sense. It’s a great way to learn.