Taking Care of the People Who Take Care of People

I am forever indebted to Tada Akihiro, lovingly known to us as, Anchan, who has been our photographer and videographer for some 20 years. Without Anchan, we’d have almost no visual record of what we have done over these many years. I love sharing his work with people.


A workshop I gave in Ebina, Japan

for physical, occupational, and speech therapists,

assisted by Sakiko Ishitsubo and her wonderful trainees.


Workshop in Osaka.

This video is one of my favorites. I like it because it shows Midori-sensei and I sitting side by side teaching together, something we have done for 30 years. I am grateful to Midori for being my voice in Japan for all these years. I also like the video because it shows how important the organization of our “central mobile”, (our spine in relation to our skull, ribs, and pelvis), is when we are working. You can see how I use my hands and my humor to give people a new experience of being easy, strong, organized, comfortable, and happy as they work. I love seeing that sweet sense of surprise and wonder when the student suddenly finds themselves unexpectedly transformed.

Workshop in Tokyo


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