Thoughts From a Marrow Bone

An online book launch with Bruce Fertman & John Tuite.

A FREE 90-minute online book launch gathering. Bruce and John will answer all your questions about the writing of Teaching by Hand – Learning by Heart and The Way In ~ The Way Out.

In a nutshell.

What We’ll Do

Answer any questions you have about the inspiration behind the writing of Bruce’s books.

John will share his perspective on Bruce’s work and on the interconnectedness between the two books.

Bruce will talk about how he sees his work both as the Alexander Technique and not as the Alexander Technique, and why he thinks of F.M. Alexander was a Western Taoist. 

Having been a teacher for 60 years, Bruce will answer any questions concerning the why and how of his pedagogy.

Bruce will talk about his relationship to language, image making, and life in relation to kinesthesia and sensory receptivity.

Join us.

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Monday Aug 29, 2022,
8:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022,
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Do you want to listen to the books?

Three Short Readings

Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

From The Way In – The Way Out

All in a Days Work

From Teaching By Hand – Learning By Heart

Four Short Passages

From The Way In – The Way Out

Two inspiring books.

Bruce’s Books

The Way In ∼

The Way Out

Renderings of the Tao Te Ching

“Wu Wei is sometimes translated as Non-doing, but perhaps it would be better understood as Non-Efforting, Non-Forcing, or Non-Interference with the nature of things. No other concept shapes Bruce’s writing, his engagement with the world, and the quality of his touch than this: the recognition of, and the commitment to work with, the underlying nature of things. Wu Wei. I sometimes wonder if Bruce is not part of a direct line of Jewish-Taoist contemplatives. I am thinking of Martin Buber, Arthur Waley, and Stephen Mitchell.”

– John Tuite

Teaching by Hand

Learning by Heart

Delving into the Work of

F.M. Alexander

Teaching by Hand/Learning by Heart traces my development as a movement teacher over a period of 57 years. When my main mentor in Alexander’s Work, Marjorie Barstow, asked me what I thought my contribution would be to Alexander’s work, (I was 37 years old then), I had no idea. Now I do. I have found myriad ways of introducing Alexander’s work. I found ways of introducing the work through sport, ecology, anatomy, sensory life, social biology, theology, mysticism, and art. This is what Part I of my book is about. Part II is about how I work with people in their entirety, how I work with both body and being, with movement and meaning, and with sensory life and spiritual life.

Let’s gather and chat.

Details & Biography

A book launch Q&A.

About The Online Gathering

“John Tuite knows both my books better than I do.Though we did not know one another, he was the first person to buy my first edition of The Way In ~ The Way Out. It was then entitled, Where This Path Begins. It felt incredibly affirming to be understood by someone. The more we got to know one another, the more we realized how kindred we were, how similarly we thought about the body in relation to the world at large. At some point, I asked John to write the intro to Teaching by Hand, and then later to The Way In ~ The Way Out. That’s why I cannot imagine doing these gatherings without him. Knowing John, he is likely to ask me a lot of questions. I will likely ask you a lot of questions, especially if you have read my books. And of course you are all welcome to ask us questions. If you have not read the books, consider reading them before our gathering. But it is not required. If you are curious about the books, just jump in. Hope to see you soon.”

– Bruce Fertman

About Bruce Fertman

A Short Biography

Bruce brings 60 years of study as a movement artist and educator to his work having trained in gymnastics, modern dance, ballet, contact improvisation, the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi Chu’an, Aikido, Chanoyu, (Japanese Tea Ceremony), Argentine Tango, and Kyudo (Zen Archery)

For the past 30 years Bruce has taught, and continues to teach, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas helping people experience the interconnectedness between physical and spiritual life. He is the director of the Alexander Alliance Europe.

In 2020, Bruce began Grace of Sense, his online school, devoted to helping people to live physically contemplative lives. Author of Teaching by Hand, Learning by Heart, and of The Way In ~ The Way Out, Bruce lives in Coyote, New Mexico and Osaka, Japan.


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Monday Aug 29, 2022,
8:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022,
8:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

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