Old and New Japan Through The Eyes Of A Romantic – Photos By Bruce Fertman

Here are a few photos taken in Japan over the past couple of years. I’ve been visiting Japan annually for 30 years. Not sure how that happened. Now I live here half the year.

Years of study in Aikido, Chanoyu, Kyudo and Zen color what I see, and how I see what I see, not only in Japan. It’s as if my photographic eye has become Japanese. Japan goes wherever I go.

A painter in Santa Fe recently told me that almost all my photos juxtapose weight and uplift, darkness and light, sadness and hope. I, of course, had no idea; was the last to know. Now I begin to see what she sees, and it makes sense. If I am projecting myself into everything I see, then I had to look around to find out who I am.

That would imply that, through these photos, I am showing you a bit of myself.




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