More Than The Eye Can See

Over 20 years ago, my son and his friend helped me make this video, my first video on the work of F.M. Alexander.

I chose to honor touch through sharing these images. Not being able to work with you in this way via our online course is why all of you are invited to take a Grace of Sense In Person/On Land Retreat..

Let the images sink into you. Sense them. A great deal of the work we do in our course will be about touching the world and being touched by the world.

The older woman teaching is Marjorie L. Barstow, who taught me how to touch being through the body. The little boy in my white t-shirt is my son Noah, now 36 years old.

The quote by Erika Whittaker, another mentor, which appears at the end of the video reads in English,

Alexander never told anybody what to do. He criticized very little in lessons. And because he didn’t criticize you, you relaxed, and you were treated by the way his hands seemed to be sculpting you, from the inside out, which felt so expansive and strong. Without effort, you had let go of all your tensions, which were now replaced with support and freedom, and with an entirely new coordination.

Enjoy the video. Write and tell me what it was like to watch.



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