Lessons in Longevity

Join Bruce Fertman for a free online event on how to live a long and fulfilling life.

The images you’re seeing behind these words are of Bruce’s mentors, who all lived and taught into their mid to late nineties. They shared something in common that contributed to them having lived such long and healthy lives. What was it? Take this free class and find out!

Let’s explore longevity.

Pivotal Topics Covered

Maintaining physical vitality

Keeping the mind sharp

Living with purpose

Being generous

Aging gracefully

Join Us.

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Friday April 14 & 28, 2023,
6:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

Friday April 14 & 28, 2023,
8:00 PM New York Time (EDT UTC-4)

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Lessons in Longevity

Not sure yet? Meet the cast.

Bruce’s Teachers

Maggie Newman teaching Tai Chi

Maggie Newman

Tai Chi Teacher

Maggie Newman taught me about slowness, about precision, and repetition. She taught until she was 88.

After class, a student comes up to Maggie and says, “I’m practicing, but I am bored. It is all so slow. What should I do?” “Go slower.”, Maggie said.

Marjorie Barstow

Teacher of F.M. Alexander’s Work

Marj Barstow was like a potter working at her spinning wheel. We were like clay under her hands. With the lightest touch, she’d lengthen us up and open us out, creating great space within us, forming us into works of beauty. She taught into her mid-90’s.

There is nothing to get, there is only something to lose.

Erika Whitaker and Bruce Fertman

Erika Whitaker

Teacher of F.M. Alexander’s Work

Erika was quiet, observant, perceptive. She was a teacher who didn’t teach. She entered into conversation. Offered fresh insights. She taught into her mid-90’s.

Breathing is a shared silence between you and God.

Richard Gummere, Jr.

Philosopher of Education

“Buzz” knew how to ask the right questions. Like Socrates, he made you reconsider what you thought you knew. He’d bring you into a state of constructive doubt, of not being certain, of wondering anew. Buzz taught into his mid-90’s.

“How are you Buzz?” “Never better!”, he’d said every time, and every time he meant it.

Eva Fuhrmann

Physiotherapist and Alexander Technique Teacher

Eva teaches me how, through example, to live alone with dignity. She shows me how to stay in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. Eva is 92, still rides her bike, drives a stick shift, and lives in an apartment on the 3rd floor (no elevator). She hikes and swims every week, goes to QiGong classes and yoga classes every week, and sings in the choir.

To have friends, you have to know how to be a friend.

Ed Young

Tai Chi Teacher, Interpreter for Chang-Men-Ching, Illustrator

Ed Young is, at once, plain and elegant. A quiet scholar. A quiet artist. He is 92 years old. Still teaching.

Listen to your teachers as if you alone are responsible for passing on their work.

Elizabeth Walker doing Alexander Technique Table Work

Elizabeth Walker

Alexander Teacher

Watching Elizabeth hike up a hill in her 80’s was like watching a mountain goat. When swimming, she was like a fish. On a bike, she was like a child. She taught until she was 99.

Don’t try. Let it all seep in like rain.

Richard and Peg Gummere

Peg Gummere

Painter, Poet, Violinist & Alexander Teacher

Peg Gummere saw beauty everywhere she went. She lived to be 100 years old.

“Ah, look at that.”

SEN Genshitsu

SEN Genshitsu (Soshitsu XV)

Urasenke Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony)

The one time I served Oiemoto tea was a life changing experience. A story to be told in my class. Oiemoto is 100 years old.

It is an especially Japanese sensibility towards beauty to cut away and cut away, abbreviating to the point where nothing more can be removed and thereby creating a thing of great beauty.

Being with Bruce.

Student Voices

A sense of grace permeates Bruce’s teaching. His clear, sure, soft verbal touch guides with curiosity and rich imagination, encouraging ease of movement and exploration in ever deepening growth.

Tessa Viotti


Here are ways to encounter Life’s blessèd unexpectednesses. And be invited to experience the familiar in different ways. Finding a certain newness – and surprise – just where we are.

Vincent Raven


”Grace of sense is a real treat for anyone wanting to connect the subtle with the substantial.  Bruce has a way of playfully connecting poetry to movement and physiology. And to create lasting results, through creating awareness about how one conducts oneself through everyday life”.

Carina Notivoli


Bruce’s teaching is a true gift, filled with wisdom, clarity, and insight. He was one of my original teachers as I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Years later, when I read his book, I knew I had to study with him again. He has a way of connecting people to their own essence in a way that is beautiful to behold. He has helped me find more ease and effectiveness in my teaching, parenting, and life. The pace of his teaching always feels like being immersed in calm breathing, with pauses for everyone to digest whatever has been shared. I highly recommend studying with him and reading his book.

Jennifer Briggs

United States

Grace of Sense has offered me a wonderful opportunity to perceive how I relate with myself and the world with an alertness I had not experienced before: To listen and to think with my entire body, not just my mind. Through Bruce’s gentle, deep and precise pedagogy, I’ve experienced a vast neutralization of judgement (right & wrong), when it comes to work with students or myself. Grace of Sense has made me be and act more gently with myself, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Carlos Osorio Sordelli


I absolutely loved this course [GoS] and found it one of the most inspiring courses I have ever done. During a long and difficult lockdown it was definitely something to look forward to every week. If you have a meditative and/or somatic practice of any kind, it will only deepen that practice; if you don’t, you will very probably develop one!

Orfhlaith Tuohy


Bruce’s imaginative use of visual metaphor linked to movement lit up my sensory experience in new ways and landed this mysterious integration solidly into my practice of the Alexander Technique.

Anita Freeman

United States

Bruce has a deeply thoughtful and unique way of organising his teaching and experience. He…keeps to a contemporary language that makes a complex range of material easily accessible and open to anyone, all the while inviting curiosity and a spirit of adventure to the age-old journey of life learning.

Kate Chester


People talk about “coming home to the body”, but with Bruce’s classes it feels like we’re realising we never left. Only this time I’m actually present to enjoy it! Grace of Sense is more than an embodiment practice, it’s more than the Alexander Technique, it’s a new way of being that will enrich my life from this day forth. It feels great to be home – in this body and this life.

Nathan Blair


I attended Grace of Sense Part I, II & III and enjoyed every single class. So many new ideas have contributed to a deeper understanding of how to teach the Alexander Technique to my private pupils, free from unnecessary jargon. Bruce is an excellent teacher who takes his time, making sure that his message reaches the body and not just the mind. These online courses have been a jewel to find and the best thing I could come across during the pandemic.

Daniela Sangiorgio


Studying with Bruce.

Details & Biography

What You’ll Learn

About Lessons in Longevity

In this free 90-minute online class I will talk about how unusual and surprising it is to have so many of my mentors live and teach into their nineties. Living so long may have been entirely due to their genes, and maybe not. There were traits about them, individually, that I think contributed to their strong will to live and their strong love for life. I will share my observations with you.

At the same time, all of them shared something in common. They were all highly skilled and well trained somatically. Having trained with them, some of them for many, many years, they passed on to me much of their skill and knowledge. I will share with you what it was that they are knew that, I think, may have contributed to them having all lived such long, vital lives.

How I became 72, I’ve no idea, but here I am, a young elder. It is my turn to pass on what I too have learned about longevity, what I feel contributes to my having a strong will to live and a strong love for life. 

About Bruce Fertman

A Short Biography

Bruce brings 60 years of study as a movement artist and educator to his work having trained in gymnastics, modern dance, ballet, contact improvisation, the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi Chu’an, Aikido, Chanoyu, (Japanese Tea Ceremony), Argentine Tango, and Kyudo (Zen Archery).

For the past 30 years, Bruce has been helping people experience the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual life.

He founded the Alexander Alliance in 1982 and Grace of Sense in 2019, his online community-school. Author of Teaching by Hand, Learning by Heart, and of The Way In ~ The Way Out, Bruce is currently co-authoring a book with Michael Gelb for New World Library entitled, Walk – How to Discover Comfort, Vitality, and Inspiration in Every Step.

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Upcoming Free Events

Friday April 14 & 28, 2023,
6:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

Friday April 14 & 28, 2023,
8:00 PM New York Time (EDT UTC-4)

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Lessons in Longevity


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