Be a part of our first 8-day in person retreat. This Summer in beautiful Germany!

Grace of Sense Retreat 2023

This Summer it’s finally happening. From all around the world we’re getting together to study in person. Putting all we learned into helping each other learn how to teach-by-hand. This retreat is for you if you took part in any Grace of Sense training course in 2020-2023.

Can it get any better?

The Retreat at a Glance

I love this retreat center! Beautiful teaching space. Kind, organized people who run it. Wonderful little bungalow apartments. Tasty, healthy food.

At last, I will get to meet some of you in person and teach you how I use my hands in relation to Grace of Sense material. Learning through touch adds a whole other dimension to our study.

I want to delve into the Grace of Sense Medicine Wheel. And I want to take you more deeply into our meditation studies.

I will be able to give you much, much more individualized attention to ensure you are getting the most out of our movement studies.

We get to walk together through the fields and forest at the end of each day before dinner.

Teaching through touch.

Retreat Content

Teaching by hand ∼ learning by heart.

Becoming Tactually Literate

Touch is my primary sense. My eyes touch what they see. My hands see what they touch. I will work with you personally, everyday, through touch. I will teach you how to help free others through touch.

In beauty, may I walk.

The Walking Way

Now, we get to take walks together. We will walk through golden fields. We will walk through green forests. I will teach you material from a forthcoming book, co-authored by Michael Gelb and me, entitled, How to Discover Comfort, Vitality, and Inspiration in (not is) Every Step. 

Moving as a river.

Movement Study

We will, of course, work on the movement studies I teach in Grace of Sense. But in this retreat, I will be able to focus more in how we move through our day to day lives.

Living a physically contemplative life.

Morning Meditation & Musings

Our teaching rooms are always open. Students are free to use the space for their morning practices before breakfast and after breakfast before classes begin. In the beginning of each class I will lead a meditation.

Each day I will offer a theme. We will delve more deeply into the Grace of Sense Medicine Wheel. We will learn how to befriend our Ten-Friends-for-Life. This work is much easier inside the context of community.

Nourish, enjoy & rest.

Friendship & Siesta Time

I love watching the comaraderie between students during mealtimes. It seems to be the time when people really talk and learn about each other. Sometimes, lifetime friendships are formed. Sitting out on the porch feels a little like a taste of heaven.

A long rest after a big lunch makes sense. We do our best to be on biological time, not on clock time in our retreats. It is a retreat from clock time. We awake fresh, ready for tea, coffee, and sweets, and energized for class.


Informal Studies

Given that we study together during the day for 7 hours, evening study is informal and optional. I will sometimes teach a class. Others in our group may offer a class. Some will just want to relax and socialize.

Being in nature.


Take the tour.

Great Video

Feel free to checkout Einbecker Sonnenberg’s website: www.einbecker-sonnenberg.de

Einbecker Sonnenberg near Göttingen, Germany


When I am at Einbecker-Sonnenberg, our retreat center, and I am eating on the porch, I could swear I am in Greece. When I look out in the morning from my porch overlooking the fields and mountains, I could swear I am in Tuscany. But everything is so graciously organized and well maintained at our retreat center that I suddenly realize, “Ah, I am in Germany!”

Bungalows on the hillside.


Bed. Living Room. Bathroom. Terrace.


I have lived in the same little bungalow every summer for many years now. It feels like a little home away from home. Each bungalow has its own bathroom, living room, kitchenette, and terrace. I love sitting and meditating on the terrace as the sun rises and sets over the golden fields.

Fresh. Organic. Delicious.


Food for body & soul.

The Amazing Kitchen

The food is home cooked, wholesome, and delicious. It is primarily vegetarian but there is always meat offered as well. And vegan options as well. It is buffet style so you can eat as much or as little as you like. There’s a great espresso machine, so cappuccino drinkers will feel at home. In the evenings a great selection of beers and wines, and chocolates are available. And of course, being in Germany, there is always afternoon “Kaffee & Kuchen” (coffee, tea and delicious sweets.)

How. When. Where.

Prices & Organization

How to get there?

Directions & Maps

From Hannover Airport it’s a 90-minute train ride to Einbeck-Slazderhelden.

From Frankfurt (Main) Airport it’s a 3-hour train ride to Einbeck-Salzderhelden.

From Einbeck-Salzderhelden it’s a short drive with a single or group taxi (+49 (0)5561-5555 Taxi Keime) to the retreat center Einbecker Sonnenberg.

If you live in Germany these directions might be easiest for you: https://www.einbecker-sonnenberg.de/kontakt/#Anfahrt

It begins and ends on…

Date, Time & Schedule

July 21-28, 2023

Class begins on Friday afternoon at 4pm and ends a week later on Friday at 1pm. (50 class hours). Such beautiful leisurely yet full days spent attuning ourselves to the world within us and all around us. Here’s the schedule in detail:

Sunrise & Breakfast

9am-1pm: A morning meditation. A morning talk. Sensitive movement work. Learning how to help each other through touch.

Lunch & Afternoon Siesta

3-6pm: Applying all we are learning into the reality of our day to day lives. A long walk through the fields and forest.


7.30-8.30pm: Short, informal study followed by time off to socialize.

Extra costs?

Room & Board Prices

Accommodation and food are NOT included in the GOS Retreat tuition fee and have to be paid separately. Room and board costs will be charged towards the end of the week by the retreat center Einbecker Sonnenberg itself.

There are 14 bungalows that can be used as single, double or triple rooms. But it would help to allow more of us to attend by being flexible and sharing a bungalow. Camping is also an option. All prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Single Room €90.-/per person and day

Double Room €80.-/per person and day

Triple Room €75.-/per person and day

Camper €70.-/per person and day

Tent €65.-/per person and day

When signing up for the GOS Retreat further down on this page you can choose if you’d like to share a room (as a double or triple) or if you need a room to yourself (single room). We’ll also be asking you to add your arrival and departure date and how many nights you plan on staying. Additionally, if needed, you’ll be able to choose your diet (i.e. vegetarian or vegan.)

If you have questions about the room availability or any other organizational part please contact Carlos at carlos@graceofsense.com. He’s your stage director and go-to person during the retreat.

Extend your stay!

Additional Training Opportunities

For those who can and who wish to spend more time studying, for a special rate of 90 Euros a day tuition, courtesy of the Alliance, you can arrive earlier if you like.

The Grace of Sense Retreat runs from July 21-28.
There is a slight overlap between the Alliance Teacher Training Program and the Grace of Sense Retreat. I did this because I think it is a great opportunity for all of you to work with other Alliance teachers who are highly skilled and who have studied with me for decades. The Alexander Alliance Europe is a safe, kind, bright, and creative community-school. It’s a joy to spend time inside of the Alliance.

The Alliance Post Grad Program runs from July 12-14.

The Alliance Summer Camp runs from July 15-19.

The Alliance Teacher Training Program runs from July 15-23.

A Note: “For 10 years, I spent one month of every summer studying with Marjorie Barstow, six days a week, six hours a day. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, I studied with Marj for two-weeks, seven days a week from morning to night. Boy, did I learn a lot. Here is an opportunity to study for up to 17 days.

Contact Carlos at carlos@graceofsense.com for more info!

Register now.

Grace of Sense Retreat

Starts on:

Friday July 21, 2023,
4:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)

Ends on:

Friday July 28, 2023,
1:00 PM Paris Time (CEST UTC+2)


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