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For the past 10 years, I have been writing about the overlap between movement and meaning, between body and being, between sensory life and spiritual life, and between culture and coordination. Being a photographer, I also express my ideas via images. They are another way into my world. My blog is also a place to go to find out about upcoming events.


Bruce’s Blog

Glimpse into Inlets to the Soul with Bruce Fertman

Clive Salzer did a beautiful job making a trailer for my free live online class entitled, Inlets to the Soul. It really captures my way as a teacher and in 10 minutes gives you something simple and profound to practice. Please share this link with your friends and...

What was it like taking “Inlets to the Soul” with Bruce Fertman?

Saturday, April 23rd, 13:00 Berlin Time Sunday, April 24th, 8pm NYC Time Register: www.graceofsense.com/inlets-to-the-soul/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA_OmYB47x4    

About Bruce Fertman

In Bruce’s class you feel as if you are sitting by a deep, soft lake. His pace and patience, his quiet confidence allows people to unfold and open layer by layer. The superfluous falls away leaving only life’s inner vitality effortlessly expressing itself through you....

Questions? I am Always Here!

I am always here. As a teacher, it helps me very much to learn something about you, about your life, your aspirations, your issues, your longings, what you really want to learn, what you really want to change. I do my best to be available for my students. I encourage...

Why It Is Good to Receive Our Newsletter

For the past 40 years, I have been part of a loving community-school called the Alexander Alliance. Finding your field of study and finding your teachers are critical. But having a supportive community-school in which to grow is also critical. It is hard going it...

Teaching by Hand/Learning by Heart by Bruce Fertman – Now A Kindle Book – $9.00

Announcing   Teaching by Hand/Learning by Heart by Bruce Fertman   Now available as a Kindle eBook $9.00  ...

What Students Have to Say about Grace of Sense

Student Voices A Composite of Impressions by students who partook in A Grace of Sense – Part I "Bruce’s honest, affectionate regard for his students promotes learning. He has a deep trust in people. He gives us the tools, the space, and then encourages us to explore...

Mit Händen Lehren/Von Herzen Lernen

Leserstimmen Dieses Buch war lange überfällig – das einzige AT Buch, das mir begegnet ist, in dem das Potenzial an menschlichem Reichtum, Tiefgang und Kontakt, welches in unserer Arbeit zu finden ist, voll zum Ausdruck kommt. Marcus Sly – Alexanderlehrer – West...

GERMANY – Quintessence – A Documentary On The Alexander Alliance Germany

Existence is co-existence. Being part of a caring, intelligent community-school that provides a safe place, a place conducive not only to learning, but to the slower process of unlearning that which does not help us to live freely and generously, makes life less...


Bruce’s Blog

Offerings & Essays

Above, you will find offerings and opportunities for study. Below, you will find my musings as a mover, artist, teacher, and seeker. Enjoy. Share your thoughts with me. Write anytime.




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What Makes Me a “Physiologian”?

What Makes Me a “Physiologian”?

My work never has and still does not fit into any of the conventional fields of study one finds in higher education. I don't feel like a physical education teacher, nor a psychologist, nor a philosopher, nor a theologian. I feel like I am either all of these or none...

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The Tearoom is Everywhere

The Tearoom is Everywhere

In memory of Brother Joe Keenan who taught me how to fold a fukusa. A man in my neighborhood, who knew I taught bi-annually in Japan, invited me to be his guest. He told me he was studying Chanoyu, Japanese Tea Ceremony, at LaSalle University. I had seen this in...

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Life Line

Life Line

A philosophy professor at Hampshire College studied with me each year for several years. That was 35 years ago. Annually, I was invited to Hamphire College to teach the Alexander Technique for the Five College Dance Department. One day after class, she came up to me...

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Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters

It seems logical to assume that time moves from the past into the present and then forward into the future. But what if it is not time but we who move from the past to the present and then into the future. Perhaps time itself does not move in the same way we do. I see...

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What Grace of Sense is Really About

What Grace of Sense is Really About

When Covid struck, I decided to travel inwards. I wrote two books, as yet unpublished. One is entitled, In Good Company - The End of Living Alone, the other, Robes of the Desert - What It Means to Live a Non-Egocentric Life. Not knowing if anyone would resonate with...

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