A Deeply Moving Experience of Being Alive in the World.

Welcome to Grace of Sense.

Grace of Sense is about heightening and deepening our experience of being alive in the world. We bring this about through learning how to unbind our bodies, quiet our minds, and open our hearts. When you have 5 minutes, watch this video. It will tell you, in a nutshell, what Grace of Sense is about.

Four Doorways

Into Grace of Sense


Experience a Class

Occasionally, I offer single classes. It is a way that you can get a glimpse into Grace of Sense. My classes are designed to create a positive shift in how it feels to be alive, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The classes are enjoyable, simple, clear, and surprisingly effective. I always leave you with something practical that you can immediately incorporate into your life.

Bruce’s Blog

Bruce’s Writings and Illuminations

For the past 10 years, I have been writing about the overlap between movement and meaning, between body and being, between sensory life and spiritual life, and between culture and coordination. Being a photographer, I also express my ideas via images. They are another way into my world. For almost 60 years now, I have been joyfully obsessed with this field of study. My blog is also a place to go to find out about upcoming events.

Free 5-Day Challenge

Dive into the Training – Right Now for Free

If you want to dive in and begin learning right now, take this 5-day challenge. Straight away, you will learn five simple, practical tools that will make a profound difference in how you feel. My classes are lighthearted and fun and yet, at the same time, contemplative and deep. Once you experience how much you have learned in 5 mini-classes, you will begin to understand just how much you could learn by taking ten, twenty or thirty classes. But don’t believe a word I say. Go find out for yourself.

Training Programs

Grace of Sense Trainings

I’m 70. I’ve been teaching movement since I was a kid, for 58 years now. I hope to be around for a while, but I want others to be able to pass on Grace of Sense too. Especially for those people for whom English is a second language, people who will be able to teach Grace of Sense online and in person in their native language. Grace of Sense is not too difficult. It is its simplicity that is so profound.

If you are a somatic practitioner, Grace of Sense will provide a larger, freer context in which to work. It will open your horizons.

Student Voices


A sense of grace permeates Bruce’s teaching. His clear, sure, soft verbal touch guides with curiosity and rich imagination, encouraging ease of movement and exploration in ever deepening growth.

Tessa Viotti


Here are ways to encounter Life’s blessèd unexpectednesses. And be invited to experience the familiar in different ways. Finding a certain newness – and surprise – just where we are.

Vincent Raven


Bruce has a deeply thoughtful and unique way of organising his teaching and experience. He…keeps to a contemporary language that makes a complex range of material easily accessible and open to anyone, all the while inviting curiosity and a spirit of adventure to the age-old journey of life learning. 

Kate Chester


”Grace of sense is a real treat for anyone wanting to connect the subtle with the substantial.  Bruce has a way of playfully connecting poetry to movement and physiology. And to create lasting results, through creating awareness about how one conducts oneself through everyday life”.

Carina Notivoli


Bruce’s teaching is a true gift, filled with wisdom, clarity, and insight. He was one of my original teachers as I trained to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Years later, when I read his book, I knew I had to study with him again. He has a way of connecting people to their own essence in a way that is beautiful to behold. He has helped me find more ease and effectiveness in my teaching, parenting, and life. The pace of his teaching always feels like being immersed in calm breathing, with pauses for everyone to digest whatever has been shared. I highly recommend studying with him and reading his book.

Jennifer Briggs

United States

I absolutely loved this course [GoS] and found it one of the most inspiring courses I have ever done. During a long and difficult lockdown it was definitely something to look forward to every week. If you have a meditative and/or somatic practice of any kind, it will only deepen that practice; if you don’t, you will very probably develop one!

Orfhlaith Tuohy

Bruce’s imaginative use of visual metaphor linked to movement lit up my sensory experience in new ways and landed this mysterious integration solidly into my practice of the Alexander Technique.

Anita Freeman

United States

Grace of Sense has offered me a wonderful opportunity to perceive how I relate with myself and the world with an alertness I had not experienced before: To listen and to think with my entire body, not just my mind. Through Bruce’s gentle, deep and precise pedagogy, I’ve experienced a vast neutralization of judgement (right & wrong), when it comes to work with students or myself. Grace of Sense has made me be and act more gently with myself, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Carlos Osorio Sordelli


I attended Grace of Sense Part I, II & III and enjoyed every single class. So many new ideas have contributed to a deeper understanding of how to teach the Alexander Technique to my private pupils, free from unnecessary jargon. Bruce is an excellent teacher who takes his time, making sure that his message reaches the body and not just the mind. These online courses have been a jewel to find and the best thing I could come across during the pandemic.

Daniela Sangiorgio


A Great Opportunity

Our Free 5-Day Challenge

Five Days. Five Tools.

One short class a day

There are many tools we learn to use in Grace of Sense. I chose these five tools for this little 5-day challenge because they are so simple and effective. And important. They are: One, Comfortable Spine – A simple practice to help you have a flexible, decompressed spine. Two, Unstrained Hands – A simple practice to help you have comfortable, unstrained hands. Three, Freedom in Walking – A simple practice to help you bring more power and pleasure into your walk. Four, Calming Down
Waking Up – A simple practice that your nervous system will love. Five, will be a surprise!

Begin Class Today

One short class a day

One of the things I love about online teaching, besides often having people in my class from numerous countries, is how conducive the medium is to learning step by step. Here you will learn one little practice on the first day. After the second day, you will have two little practices to practice and so on. If you continue practicing all of them, by the end of the five-day period a big shift will happen. Remember making a snowman and beginning with a little snowball and rolling it in the snow and thinking this will never get big and then suddenly it starts to get big, very big. That is exactly what happens in Grace of Sense. It’s a great way to learn.

Get in Touch

How to Contact Us

Write to Bruce

Share your story

It helps me very much to learn something about you, about your life, your aspirations, your issues, your longings, what you really want to learn, what you really want to change. I do my best to be available for my students. I encourage my students to write to me when they have questions, or to share their progress and insights. I do my best to write back to everyone. I enjoy giving my time and attention to students who are passionate about learning.

Join the Grace of Sense Community

Our Newsletter and Our Facebook Group

For the past 40 years, I have been part of a loving learning community called the Alexander Alliance. Finding your field of study and then finding your teachers are critical. But having a supportive learning community in which to grow is also critical. It is hard going it alone. We need kindred spirits, like minded friends. I’ve set up a Facebook Group Page. There are about 100 of us there. A lot of good sharing happens there.

First Grace of Sense In Person/On Land Retreat

May 14-21, 2022. Perugia, Italy.

In person, on land retreats allow you to be with me, and other highly qualified teachers, through touch. In this way, all the movement work learned via online can be finely tuned. A teacher’s knowing touch can help you to sense what you have not been able to sense, to release what you have not been able to release, to integrate what you have not yet found a way to integrate. In retreats, we participate in what we call Situation Work or Life Work. We spend some time playfully reenacting life situations that take us off balance and learn how to meet them and move through them more humanely and effectively. We get to spend time, in person, with one another, eating together, taking walks together, becoming friends.

Free 5-Day Challenge

Begin Studying Right Away

Why wait? Why not begin studying now? This way you will know if Grace of Sense is for you. After this 5-Day Challenge you will begin to know what I teach, how I teach, and what I am like as a person and teacher. Classes begin on November 13th 2021! Find out if Grace of Sense is what you have been looking for. Please write to me if you have any questions.